Our Story

HIMBA Agency is a Newborn Care service committed to providing trustworthy and compassionate caregivers for infants. Inspired by the Himba tribe of Namibia, where women care for each other’s children, we believe every family can benefit from our assistance in the challenging yet marvelous postpartum days. Our providers bring peace of mind to experienced and first-time mothers alike through our commitment to education, excellence, and unconditional support of parents.

When you welcome one of our referred specialists into your home, you’re choosing an assistance whose first priority is to empower you. As the HIMBA tribe cultivates their community, HIMBA aims to help your family blossom as it grows.

Our candidates — are carefully selected and guided to uphold the highest standards in the industry. In their work, they strengthen the bonds between newborns and parents while handling every aspect of baby care, from sleep issues to attachment. Our aim is for lasting positive impact, and hope many families continue to practice the loving techniques our candidates teach for years to come.  

HIMBA is based in New York City.

Our Uniqueness

Why Choose HIMBA?


The HIMBA Agency continuously mentors Newborn Care Specialists in order to give clients and candidates the very best experience without exception. We don’t believe that hasty preparation can lead to a fulfilling life’s work; nor do we believe a simple two-day workshop is enough. Our mentorship standardizes high-quality care, so that every experience with HIMBA is a great one.


HIMBA believes in passing ancient wisdom down, while keeping up-to-date on the latest pediatric guidelines. Our Newborn Care Specialists are coached in HIMBA’s family-centric philosophy and ready to uphold our high standards of individualized, non-biased care. Our coaching ensures that every member of our agency reliable, knowledgeable, well-mannered, and worthy of your trust.


We pride ourselves on our unique and rigorous curriculum. Trainings are combined with our hands-on mentorship program. Trainings include: Perfecting the 5 S’s of Happiest Baby on the Block, Newborn Care Techniques, Sleep Issues, Working With Parents and Lactating Mothers, Baby and Mommy Product Familiarization, Standard Infant Massage Strokes (Based on the IAIM), and more.


Meet our Founder and CEO Ruby Sibal, sometimes known as "The Baby Whisperer" or "The Mary Poppins of Baby Nurses."

Ms. Sibal has personally cared for over 50 babies, and she has been a passionate mentor and coach of Newborn Care Specialists for many years.

Before founding Himba, Sibal embarked on Beyond Baby Care, LLC, a comprehensive training and mentorship program where she shares her insights, experience, systems of care she personally developed and secrets on how to succeed as an Independent Newborn Care Specialists. With her vision of standardizing the newborn care profession, Sibal aims to provide a qualified, reliable baby nurse for every family.

Her expertise has given her a chance to work with the New York Times. She has also caught the attention of media outlets like Owning a Piece of America, Inquirer.Net, PAL Infoserve, RMN, Manila Mail, and more. 

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