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We aim to make placements that is lasting. We start from the position that each family is unique, necessitating individual understanding. The breadth and experience of our pool of candidates makes us confident that we can serve you well, whatever your needs may be. We’re able to accommodate special needs — high-risk pregnancies, premature babies, and more. All potential candidates are carefully interviewed, screened, and vetted by HIMBA team.

After a comprehensive assessment of your needs, you are then matched with one of our well-trained newborn care specialists based on your preferences. 

Our candidates undergo intensive vetting, screening and background checks, so you can trust that they’ll become reliable members of your household. Screenings include an examination of prior work experience, criminal record checks, and driving record checks. We make it a priority to make sure any Newborn Care Specialist who enters your home is a person of the utmost integrity. More than that, they’re passionate about bringing the best care to your baby and family. 

Our Services

What We Offer

24 Hrs
Newborn Care Specialist

An experienced and highly skilled full-time Newborn Care Specialist that is there with you around the clock. Specialists strive to be a soothing and nurturing presence within your home.

12 Hrs
Day-Time NCS

An experienced Newborn Care Specialist who excels at educating parents. Let HIMBA save you energy by teaching you the most efficient way to diaper, bathe, and soothe your baby from day one.

12 Hrs
Night-Time NCS

An experienced Newborn Care Specialist providing parents with some much-needed rest. Minimizing sleep deprivation helps mom recover, reduces household anxiety, and furthers attachment.

8 Hrs
Post-Partum NCS

Support for mothers — from lactation to colic issues — is the hallmark of this service. A specialist can ease the difficult postpartum period and educate you in all aspects of care.

Simple Steps

How It Works

Newborn Care Specialist NYC
Contact Us

The first step in the process is to get in touch with us to let us know your requirements. We’ll do our best to find the perfect baby nurse for you and your family.

Baby Nurse New York
Interview Your NCS

Well scan our database for Newborn Case Specialists with your desired qualifications. We will then schedule an interview, so you can meet your candidate face-to-face.

Baby Nurse New York
Lock in the Dates

Once you have found your perfect match, we’ll lock in the dates. A specialist is guaranteed to be there for you when you need them most. 

Baby Nurse New York
Peace of Mind

Now that you have your Newborn Care Specialist booked, you can focus on getting ready for baby — what color will you paint the nursery?

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